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Choosing The Right T-shirt and Printing For Your Bulk Order.

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Imagine! you need to make a custom T-shirts for your Restaurant, Sports Team, Presentation, Wedding, Family / Friends Reunion, Bachelor Party, Team Outing, Corporate Branding or want to create your own Merchandise. No matter what you need them for it is very important to choose the right T-shirt that is comfortable and a good fit and also servers the right purpose. Below are the important factors to consider when choosing the right T-shirt for your bulk order:

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1.Choosing The Style Of T-shirt

When it comes to choosing a T-shirt you might get confused about the varieties of T-shirts that are available with us. So should you go with the Round Neck T-shirt, Collar T-shirt, V Neck T-shirt? Should I get a Half Sleeve or a Full Sleeve? If the purpose of the T-shirt is more professional or work-related it is advisable that you go with the Collared T-shirt since it looks more professional, If the purpose of the T-shirt is more of a casual event such as a Bachelor Party or a Wedding or a Sports event just trust us and go with a Round Neck. V Neck T-shirt is recommended for Gym T-shirts, Sports Teams T-shirts.

2.Choosing The Right Material

Now T-shirts can be made in quite a few different materials but the most common materials used to make a T-shirt are Cotton, Polyester and a Blend of Polyester and Cotton also known as PC PolyCotton. Again the right material completely depends on the Purpose of the requirement. If you are going to wear it as a regular day casual for everyday purpose it is recommended that you go with cotton material because it is soft and comfortable. But if you are going to be engaged in any physical activities such as Gymming, Trekking, Sports or in extremely hot or humid weather you should consider Polyester fabric since it releases moisture. It prevents sweat stains keeps you cool than traditional cotton would.

3.Choosing The Type of Print

Once you choose the style of the t-shirt and the material of the t-shirt it’s time to get them printed. There are several options in printing but the most common ones are Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Sublimation Printing. If you are opting for a Round Neck cotton t-shirt then screen printing is the best option. If you are choosing a Collar neck t-shirt then we would suggest you go with embroidery. If you are using any light color polyester t-shirt then it is economical to print using sublimation printing.

4.Right Placement of the Logo

If you are opting for a round neck t-shirt then it is advisable that you print a big design on the front chest of the t-shirt. If you go with a collar neck t-shirt, doing embroidery on the left chest near the heart will make your t-shirt look professional and awesome. These are some of the standard practices followed by the industry, but If you want to print anything on a non traditional area such as Sleeves or at the bottom of the t-shirt, inside the t-shirt we can also get it done. The choice is completely yours. You Think It. We Ink It.

5.Sizing The Artwork on the T-shirt

Will my artwork / logo look too small or too big? How should I decide the size of the artwork / logo on the t-shirt? We know right a lot of our customers are really concerned regarding the size of the logo, will it be visible properly or not and they do have a valid concern. When sizing the logo it is very important to consider the print position on the T-shirt and the type of t-shirt.

Round Neck T-shirt (Screen Print)

Front Chest Print <= 10 Inches.

Back Side Print Should < 7 inches and > 11 inches.

Collar Neck T-shirt (Embroidery)

Front Chest Embroidery 3 – 3.5 Inches.

Sleeve Embroidary 2.5 – 3 inches

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