Custom Embroidered Shirts, Caps & More

Why do leading organisations depend on PrintMyTee for quality custom embroidery needs? Because they love the service, prices, quality and love that we put into each product. Our team of embroidery experts goes the extra mile to ensure your embroidered apparel looks amazing!

Our Embroidery Services Process

As one of the nation’s leading embroidery companies, trusting us to expediently deliver quality products is an easy thing to do. From high quality polo shirts to custom caps and towels, we can accommodate any order, big or small. Here’s how we do it:

STEP 1 :

A customer submits a design. We take that design, clean it up, and figure out the best way to embroider it onto their custom polo shirts, caps, towels, or other apparel.

STEP 2 :

If you’re placing a new order for five or more pieces, we’ll send you a digital copy of this updated work and ask that you approve it before printing begins. If you’re placing a re-order of any quantity or a new order for 4 pieces or fewer, we won’t send a proof unless the design is especially complex, or you request a proof during checkout.

STEP 3 :

We send the design off to our embroidery team, who quickly and carefully hoops and sews the logo onto the customer’s products.

STEP 4 :

Each individual piece goes through a quality assurance process, wherein additional fabric or stitches are trimmed and cleaned up, and every piece is checked, and then re-checked, to ensure complete and total accuracy.

STEP 5 :

We ship the order right to the customer’s door, but not before we provide them with a tracking number and guaranteed delivery date.

STEP 6 :

The customer receives their beautiful embroidered goods, falls in love with them, shows them off to everyone they know, and posts nice things about us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google…

Our Embroidery Design Samples

Embroidery products are so varied, we cater to the needs of anyone and everyone – from Fortune 500 companies to birthday party and family reunion planners. No order is too big or too small, and we’d be happy to serve the needs of your business!

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