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T-shirts Printing in Baner | Design Your Own Custom T-Shirt With Print My Tee

Customized T-shirt printing in Baner

Print My Tee bring you an exclusive range of T shirt designs in Baner. These T-shirt designs can be customized as per your special occasions and events. Pick the right t-shirt for your event and steal the show! Since, Branded T-shirts are in trend with the times, dress smart with Print My Tee’s customized T-shirts. You could either choose that branded tee that you have been looking for or a specific design. Print my tee has several T-shirt designs in Baner that are in line with your needs.

Capture your Ideas on your T-shirts

Print My Tee notes down your ideas for your special events and imprints them on your tees. You could pick from our wide range of T-shirt designs in Baner which includes images, quotes, colors, and fonts. One also gets the option of designing their T-shirt with their own artwork. This is the only T-shirt printing store in Baner where you can capture your ideas on your T-shirts. Get ready to sport funky designs with long-lasting prints.

Quality & Comfort T-shirt

Print My Tee gives its customers the best T-shirt printing options in Baner. After all, it is not just about looking trendy but about the quality and comfort level as well. Hence, we create smart T-shirt designs in Baner with the best quality of the material. Print My Tee has some unique T-shirt printing options in Baner that make it stand apart from others. We also provide a printing T-shirt in bulk requirement. They are:

High Quality

Print My Tee also believes that T-shirts should offer the right balance of comfort, fit, and durability to individuals apart from just making them look good. Therefore, we use the highest quality of T-shirts to create customized T-shirt designs in Baner. Listed below are some of these materials:


Cotton is a common option when it comes to picking the right material for t-shirt printing in Baner. The reason being that cotton gives its user a combination of softness, breathability and comfort for casual wear. The kinds of cotton used for T-shirt designs are Organic Cotton, Combed Cotton, Slub and Pima. Cotton has an ability to absorbs colours and paint, Therefore with a printing method that contains water based ink, designs and details ,cotton is the ideal choice for your T-shirt design.


The second fabric used by Print My Tee for T-shirting printing in Baner is Polyester. It is a synthetic material chosen for sportswear as the material is quick drying and comfortable .Also, it doesn’t lose shape and shrink with multiple washes. We prefer this fabric when we use the transfer printing technique. The reason being that, this printing option requires one to pass the design from a special kind of paper or plastic to the garment. Polyester is the best choice for sports T shirt designs as the fabric captures the attachment of the design perfectly.

Poly Cotton Blend

Poly-Cotton Blend is usually a mix of polyester and cotton which combines natural and synthetic fabric in a T-shirt. It is the most preferred option for T-shirt designs as it hold its shape well and doesn’t shrink after several washes. Moreover, it is suitable for most of Print My Tee’s T-shirt designs.

High quality/T- shirt custom print

We offer our customers high quality of T-shirt printing in Baner. One could choose their preferred T-shirt technique according to their taste and preferences. Furthermore, the technique of T-shirt printing depends on the fabric of the T-shirt.

High quality & Pocket friendly price

Print My Tee gives its customers appealing T-shirt designs at pocket-friendly prices for your pocket. We let you choose trendy T-shirt designs in Baner and print them on fabrics of high quality. The best thing is that these T-shirt designs don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

On time service

Print My Tee is proud to admit that it delivers its attractive T-shirt designs on time to its customers in Baner. We make constant efforts to be the best T-shirt printing store . Once, we take an order, we live up to our words.

Customized T-shirt printing and designs in Baner

Personalized T-shirt printing and designer T-shirts are in-demand among people in current times. We believe printing of attractive T-shirt designs in Baner is our USP. You can choose among our exclusive range of T-shirts and wear them to special occasions, festivals and events . Print My Tee’s T-shirt designs in Baner are known for its high quality, fitting, attractive designs and catchy slogans. You could get them printed on T-shirts with different types of necklines.

Types of T-shirt printing in Baner

Print My Tee gives its customers several choices when it comes T-shirt printing in Baner. Customers can choose the t-shirt printing technique according to their T shirt design. Only Print My Tee gives it’a customers the best Tshirt designs in Baner with different techniques. Listed below are some T-shirt print options at Print My Tee in Baner:

Screen printing

Screen printing is the best method that is selected by customers for their T-shirt designs. Print My Tee chooses the technique of screen printing for its T-shirt designs because it gives the best results in terms of quality.

Direct to Garment

This is another method which is used for T-shirt printing in Baner. This printing technique works in the same way as paper printing. For this technique , one needs to use ink and a textile printer. Customers prefer this technique when they have to get complex T-shirt designs.

Dye sublimation

Print My Tee utilizes the method of dye-sublimation when its customers in Baner want a huge T-shirt design on light fabrics. Furthermore; we use this T-shirt printing technique when our customers want wonderful prints on polyester shirts.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Print my tee uses this t-shirt printing technique when its customers wish to print T-shirt designs with minute graphics, slogans or quotes.

Plastisol transfer

Print My Tee also uses Plastisol transfer as it is the most efficient T-shirt printing option in Baner. We create T-shirt designs; send these designs to a printing company that prints them on high-grade plastisol, and then these companies ship the plastisol back to us. Once customers receive these T-shirt designs they can stick them to their T-shirts using a heat press.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We also use t-shirt printing techniques in Baner which include transferring designs on the fabrics using heat. This t-shirt printing technique is preferred by customers when they have to use numbers, logos and names .These T-shirt designs are created on coloured vinyl using the CAD cut system and then transferred to the t-shirt using heat.

Type of Garment We Customise

  • Polo Collar T-shirt

This T-shirt is made with a 100 % quality of cotton fabric and is of 250 GSM . SiliconWash and BioWash are used in order to ensure the comfortably of the garment. This T-shirt is available in the following sizes namely Small, Medium, Large , XL XXL and XXX . Print My Tee gives its customers the option of customized printing and embroidery. Customers could use water based ink, designs and details when choosing their T-shirt designs. This T-shirt is available in black, white, red, navy blue, grey, charcoal , royal blue ,t blue, maroon , olive green ,beige and sky blue.

  • Basic Cotton T-shirt

The basic cotton t-shirt uses 100% cotton and is of 220 GSM. The available sizes of T-shirts are Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. Customers can incorporate customized T-shirt printing and embroidery at PrintMy Tee in Baner .Customers could use water based ink, designs and details when choosing their T-shirt designs. It is available in black, white , red, navy blue , grey , charcoal, royal blue maroon and olive green.

  • Polyester Dry-fit T-shirt

This T-shirt is of 100% polyester fabric and is of 160 GSM, Print My Tee gives its customers several options of T-shirt printing in Baner such as Embroidery and Sublimation. It is usually We prefer polyester when we use the transfer printing technique. .The colours include white , red |, navy blue ,grey ,charcoal royal blue , maroon green, lemon yellow, orange beige, t blue and golden yellow.

  • Apron

Print My Tee prints aprons use 100% cotton fabric and are of 120-160 GSM . We use Custom printing and embroidery are available among several T-shirt designs in Baner. Customers could use water based ink, designs and details when choosing their apron designs. Ir comes in several colours such as black, white, red, navy blue, grey, charcoal, royal blue ,maroon green, lemon yellow, orange, beige , t blue and golden yellow.

  • Collar T-shirt with tipping

This T-shirt is of 100% Cotton Fabric and is of 260 GSM. ,It uses Bio-wash and SiliconWash to ensure comfortability for our customers. Customers can incorporate customized T-shirt printing and embroidery at PrintMy Tee in Baner .Customers could use water based ink, designs and details when choosing their T-shirt designs. The colours of T-shirts are black, white, red, navy blue, grey, charcoal , royal blue , t blue , maroon olive green , beige and sky blue.

  • Premium Bio-wash T-shirt

This round neck T-shirt is of 100% cotton fabric and is of 180 GSM, We use Bio-wash and Silicon wash to ensure comfort level for customers. Available sizes are Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL and XXXL. Customers can incorporate customized T-shirt printing and embroidery at Print My Tee in Baner .Customers could use water based ink, designs and details when choosing their T-shirt designs. . Our T-shirt colours are black ,white , red , navy blue , grey , royal blue, maroon and olive green.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Que:-What are your working hours?

Ans:-We’re open 6 days a week,

Monday- Friday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Your life runs 24 hours a day, so do we. Even when we’re not live, you can always reach us via email and telephone, and we’ll give you a reply as soon as possible.

Que:-Where can I get T-shirt Printing done in Baner?

Ans:-One can get their T-shirt printing done at Print My Tee in Baner. We are the one stop-solution for attractive T-shirt designs in Baner. We give you a plethora of options among T-shirt printing techniques and designs.

Que:-What are the factors that determine the price for T-shirt printing ?

Ans:-Print My Tee considers five things while printing your T shirt designs. They are:

1. Quantity

2. Garment Style

3. Color

4. Ink Colours on Front/Back

5. Printing Method

Que:-How soon could I receive my T-shirts?

Ans:-We take a lot of pride in being able to say we offer faster turnaround times than anyone in the industry, and when we say we’ll get the job done, we mean it.We try our best to deliver your order just when you need it. We don’t accept the order at all if the deadline is impossible.

Que:-Where is Print My Tee Located?

Ans:-We are headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, but we print and ship from over 6 locations nationwide to ensure your order gets to you on time, every time.

Que:-Could you ship-shirt design orders worldwide

Ans:-We’ll make sure your package arrives safely and on time to your doorstep anywhere in the world. We stick to our words.

Que:-Does PrintMy Tee have a minimum order

Ans:-We don’t follow a minimum order policy as we proudly work with everyone from single individuals to some of the biggest and best companies, organizations, and groups. We take an order that is of any number.

Que:-How does the sizing work?

Ans:-Sizing varies from brand to brand and garment to garment. We will share a size chart with you so that you get the right size.

Que:-May I order a blank sample?

Ans:-Of course! You can, If you want to look at a couple of samples before your purchase, email us at or WhatsApp our Project Specialists on 9696961040.

Que:-How could I customize my T-shirt designs with names and numbers?

Ans:-Adding names and numbers to your design is simple with our custom Excel Sheet. All you need to fill is

1. Size of T-shirt

2. Name to Print on that Size.

3. Number to Print on that Size.

Que:-Can my order be shipped to multiple reciepients?

Ans:-We’re here to make our customers’ lives easier. If you’re interested in placing an order but need shipping to multiple locations, our Project Specialists can get that set up in moments. Call on at 9696961040.

Que:-Is printing on a T-shirt sleeve possible?

Ans:-It is possible. I f you want to print somewhere outside of the standard front and back print areas, it’s no problem, give our Project Specialists a call at 9696961040.