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Why You Should Choose 100% Polyester T-shirts For Your Sports Team.

Nearly 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make polyester around the world, which is now the most commonly used fiber in making clothes. Polyester has got a bad reputation for itself over the years. But t-shirts made with polyester are getting popular nowadays. Below are some of the reasons Why?

1. It is Sustainable,Yes You Read it Right.

If you are conscious about the environment and don’t want to put you hands on anything that is not organic cotton and contain synthetic material. I would like to educate you that now Polyester t-shirt are made with a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton. It definitely cannot get more sustainable than that.

2.Polyester is Affordable

Since it is made on a very large scale the cost of polyester is very low as compared to that of a cotton t-shirt. A polyester t-shirt can cost you as low as Rs.150 for a 100+ quantity with a single colour screen printing or an A4 size sublimation print. Affordability is another reason why you should go for a polyester t-shirt instead of cotton.

3. Polyester is Durable.

The best use of a polyester t-shirt is for athletic use such as biking, cycling, sports activities and other extreme conditions where durability is required. Polyester lasts forever, it lasts so long that you can pass on your polyester t-shirt to your grand son, who then can pass it to his. we promise.

4.Polyester Doesn’t Shrink.

Over a period we have observed that certain 100% cotton t-shirts have a problem of shrinkage. Some shrink from side, while some will shrink up. No matter what quality of t-shirt you buy the basic nature of the fabric is that over a period of time it will shrinks a little. Due to the nature of polyester fiber, garments like polyester t-shirt do not shrink at all and retains its shape over time.

5.Polyester Pulls Sweat Away From The Skin.

Polyester fabric has a capillary tube-like structure which helps it pull sweat away from the skin polyester will also help keep you cool. Unlike cotton t-shirts, the chemicals from the sweat won’t get embedded into the fabric so there will be no yellowish sweat stains.

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